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Reinventing the cheese wheel

Times they are a-changing and so is the nature of cheese !

As people who have deep love and respect for the Earth and all the creatures that live on it, Diva Plant Cheese was born out of a desire to provide quality, artisan cheeses for a growing number of people searching for cruelty free, dairy free, plant based alternatives to their favourite foods. 

Our Products

All DIVA artisan plant cheeses  

  are hand-made to order using quality , guaranteed and organic ingredients

We actively promote a zero-waste policy and encourage people buying our goods to consider this when making a purchase 

When ordered online, each artisan cheese is delivered to you in minimal, plastic free packaging as

well as being guaranteed 100%

plant based

  dairy free  

 wheat free

GMO free 

What makes us unique in the world of plant based cheeses, is the fact that every single one of our delicious DIVA artisan cheeses are also


nut free

Each DIVA product is nutrient dense and rich in natural probiotics. 
We use only pure olive oil and Blue Coconut coconut oil from the Pacific Islands in our artisan range.
Please feel free to contact us if you require something special, sweet or savoury, for your dairy-free cheeseboard and we will be happy to custom make it for you.
Our delicious boutique products are available at The Riverside Collective in Christchurch and from some specialist outlets in
Aotearoa/New Zealand. 

You can also order online!

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For orders, information, media and general inquiries, please refer to the Contact page or phone Sarah on 0211 311 611.

 Sarah Page is the founder of

Diva Plant Cheese. She is also a cook, qualified nutritionist,

teacher, goat guru & lover of life!

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