Cheese. Reinvented.

The world's only kūmara-based vegan cheeses.

The first of their kind to stand up to the real thing in both taste and texture, and much more so in nutritional and ethical value.

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Plant-based? Lactose intolerant? Or just cutting back on your dairy intake? DIVA Plant Cheeses look and taste like cheese but are made entirely from plants - making them 100% vegan and free from dairy! The healthier and more ethical choice for your body, the planet and all its precious creatures. 

All our cheeses are also nut free, and made in a nut-free facility so cross-contamination will never occur. 

100% Vegan

(and 100% nut free!)

Kumara Based

This plant-based cheese's main ingredient/base is kumara/sweet potato. There is currently no other vegan cheese in the world made from this!

Kumara is highly nutritious, containing high amounts of potassium, fibre and vitamin C. It is also considered a low-GI food.

Plant-based cheeses primarily use nuts or soy, which are both common allergens. By using kumara, which is not regarded as an allergen, our products allow those with allergies to nuts, soy and/or dairy to have an alternative.

Nut production is also not always ethical, whereas the kumara that we use is locally sourced and fairly traded.


All our cheeses are lovingly handmade in Christchurch, New Zealand, using locally sourced and organic ingredients where possible, such as Blue Coconut coconut oil, local kumara and Raglan coconut yoghurt.

We are always looking to collaborate with local small businesses when possible, so if that's you, please get in touch!

New Zealand Made