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we are the Divas!

We are the proud creators of the world's only kumara-based vegan cheese, which we make right here in little Aotearoa (using New Zealand-grown kumara, of course). Our truly gourmet cheeses are specialist and lovingly handmade to order. No nasty fillers or preservatives - just natural, wholefood goodness that both your body and your tastebuds will thank you for. 


Reinventing the cheese wheel

Times they are a-changing and so is the nature of cheese! As people who have deep love and respect for the Earth and all the creatures that live on it, DIVA Plant Cheese was born out of a desire to provide quality, artisan cheeses for a growing number of people searching for a
cruelty-free, dairy-free, plant-based alternative to one of their favourite foods - cheese!

All our cheeses are extra special and completely unique. Each cheese is handmade to order, 

naturally plant-based, dairy free, wheat free, GMO free and nut free! All cheeses except our ricottas and and the blue varieties are also soy free. You don't need to feel guilty about demolishing our cheeses as each DIVA product is nutrient dense, rich in probiotics and cholesterol free! 

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How it all began...

A French teacher by trade and a devoted caprine lover by heart, Sarah began making cheese in 2008 as a way to use up excess goats’ milk, and from there, began to teach others how to make cheese. Almost a decade passed, and a life change meant uprooting from her North Canterbury lifestyle block, regrettably rehoming or fostering out her beloved goats, and moving into Christchurch.

Sarah still wanted to make her own cheese for ethical reasons, so, drawing on her previous experience, she began to adapt the traditional process and apply it to firstly nuts, then vegetables. After several long-winded experimentations, the perfect recipe was formed using kumara and oats as the base. Coming to fruition closely behind was the beginning of a business that would entirely reinvent the traditional cheese wheel: DIVA Plant Cheese!

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