✓ ​Dairy Free

✓ Soy Free

✓ Nut Free

✓ GMO Free

✓ Vegan

✓ Rich in probiotics

✓ Nutrient dense


These cheeses are mini rounds of aged cheddar. They are available with selection box orders and can be made to order.


Our cheeses are all handmade. Please allow for the occasional imperfection. 


Mini Aged Cheddar Range Ingredients 

Oats, Kumara, Organic Apple Cider Vinegar, Nutritional Yeast, Onion, Garlic, Coconut Yoghurt, Pepper, Coconut Oil, Organic Sea Salt, Agar

Flavourings as per flavour



Oats, Coconut, Allium 



DIVA Aged Cheddar Mini Round

  • Please Note

    - Please allow up to one week for delivery and state your preference when ordering. This cheese can be custom-made to suit other tastes so please enquire. 

    - Minimum order of 2 cheeses required. 

    - Please note that these cheeses are processed in the same area as soy. Traces may remain. 

  • Care Instructions

    - Cheeses should be stored in baking paper in a plastic box in the fridge. 
    - Shelf life: minimum 4 weeks from date of delivery/purchase