We are excited to announce the launch of the DIVA Cheeseboard and the DIVA Cheeseboard Deluxe! We have teamed up with Make It Raw and Kakariki Kitchen to create the perfect dairy-free, plant-based cheeseboard for Christmas, birthdays, summer soirees and weddings - or as a gift for the vegan in your life!


If you would like to pre-order a DIVA Cheeseboard for Christmas, please specify the date you wish to receive your order in the notes section.


The DIVA Cheeseboard - $89.00

3 Artisan Tasty Cheddars

2 Aged Cheddar Wedges

1 Organic Tofu Ricotta

1 medium jar of Kakariki Kitchen chutney

1 packet of Make it Raw crackers (GF/raw)


The DIVA Deluxe Cheeseboard - $199.00

5 Artisan Tasty Cheddars

3 Aged Cheddar Wedges

3 Organic Tofu Ricottas

1 Kumarabert

1 Kumarabert Blue or 1 Kumarabert Pyramid (please specify this in the notes section above) 

2 medium jars of Kakariki Kitchen chutney

2 packets of Make It Raw crackers (GF/raw)


If you have a soy, gluten or other allergy, please make us aware in the notes section and we will do our best to accommodate you. 


For ingredients of all cheeses, please see the individual products on the store.


Make It Raw cracker ingredients


Activated almonds, organic flaxseed, spray-free rosemary, organic New Zealand sea salt


Kalamata Olive

Activated almonds, organic flaxseeds, organic activated sunflower seeds, olives, organic New Zealand sea salt


Chutney ingredients

Dark Beer

Apple, dried apricot, dates, raisins, locally-brewed dark beer


Spiced Date & Preserved Lemon

Dried dates, onions, cider vinegar, sugar, ginger, garlic tamarind, preserved lemon, spices



DIVA Cheeseboard

  • Please Note

    Our cheeses are processed in the same area as gluten, soy, coconut and allium. Traces may be present.