Perfect for parties, as a gift or if you simply cannot decide and want to try a few!


PLEASE NOTE: Selection Box varieties do not include Kūmarabert vareties, Mini Aged Cheddar Rounds or other specialist cheeses. 


Small Selection Box includes

- 1 Aged Cheddar Wedge 

- 1 Organic Tofu Ricotta

- 3 Artisan Tasty Cheddars


- 1 Aged Cheddar Wedge 

- 4 Artisan Tasty Cheddars 

Large Selection Box includes

- 3 Aged Cheddar Wedges 

- 5 Artisan Tasty Cheddars 

- 2 Organic Tofu Ricottas

Please specify any particular cheeses you would like using the dropdown menu that are in order with the specified contents. 


*Conditons apply


Our cheeses are all handmade. Please allow for the occasional imperfection. 



DIVA Selection Box

  • Care Instructions

    - Cheeses should be stored in baking paper in a plastic box in the fridge. 
    - Shelf life: for Aged and Tasty Cheddar varieties: minimum of 4 weeks from date of delivery/purchase. For Tofu Ricottas: 5 days from date of delivery/purchase (or freeze).