✓ ​Dairy Free

✓ Soy Free

✓ Nut  Free

✓ GMO Free

✓ Vegan

✓ Rich in probiotics

✓ Nutrient dense


A robust French-style soft-ripened cheese based on traditional artisan varieties, the Kumarabert pyramid has a depth of authentic flavour which is hard to rival. If you used to love traditional French cheeses and are now dairy-free, this is the one for you! 


Slightly larger than the Kumarabert at 240g. These are handmade, individual cheeses. 


Kumarabert Ingredients
Oats, Coconut Yoghurt, Coconut Oil, Kumara, Salt, Vegan Cultures, Flavourings as per type 

DIVA Kumarabert Pyramid

  • Please Note

    Please order 1 week in advance as these artisan cheeses need time to mature. 

  • Care Instructions

    - Store in baking paper in the fridge. 
    - Consume within 2 weeks from date of purchase. Freezes well. 

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